“Where was the school? Oh yes. And the grove was here, right behind it. But it’s gone. How can trees so old be extracted like the teeth of young children?” 

Two Israeli women discuss the plan for an architecture museum on the ruins of a Palestinian Village, while a janitor watches…and remembers.

Born in Beirut to Palestinian parents and raised in Chicago, Ismail Khalidi is a playwright, poet and activist, as well as an actor, educator and journalist on occasion. Khalidi holds an MFA from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts and is the author of the award-winning play Tennis in Nablus. His plays have been produced and read at theaters and universities around the country and abroad, including Atlanta's Tony Award-winning Alliance Theatre (Tennis in Nablus, 2010). Khalidi's other plays include Truth Serum Blues, which was commissioned and produced by Pangea World Theater (2005), Final Status, and most recently, Sabra Falling.