(Michael grabs a hold of Anise’s arm and pulls her violently toward himself in order to snatch the model from her. She wrenches out of his grip and then swings the model back and hits Michael on the side of the head with it. He goes down on all fours, dazed.)

BRAM: Man, Anise, I think I heard the model crack.


A waiting room, somewhere in the Middle East. A couple from North America, one ethnically Middle Eastern, one Canadian. Are they trapped? A tour guide is showing them models of Solomon's Temple and The Dome of the Rock. Who will get out alive?

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Bruce McLeod was born in Scotland in 1965 and, having lived in the US where he gained a doctorate in English literature, he now resides in North Yorkshire. He has co-written two plays for younger actors/audiences, The Girl Who Fell Through A Hole In Her Jumper (Aurora Metro Press; Broadway Publishing) and In the Sweat (Faber), and numerous screenplays, including Cross My Mind (pre-production), Flying Blind (2012: Ignition/BBC Films) and The War Boys (2009: The Group Entertainment). He has adapted Naomi Wallace’s play, One Flea Spare, as The Visitation (pre-production).  His film Undercliffe, with Open Palm Films, is due for release in 2018.