THE SCHMOOZE by Ah@d Ha'@m


"Who do you represent?"

"Powerful interests. I’d rather not say yet."

"And the land in question?"

"Let’s call it Shmalestine. I have some people who are interested."  


Two men meet at a cocktail party in 1917. One man has power.  The other seeks a promise to support colonization. But who is schmoozing whom?  The fate of a land is decided over the course of cocktail party in 1917. Or perhaps it is it still happening now... A play in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration.



A’h@d Ha’@m is a pseudonym for a 21st Century playwright, paying homage to the name of a searing early critic of Statist Zionism named Asher Ginsberg, who wrote under the name Ahad Ha’am (literally “One of the People”)

SOURCE: There is much excellent commentary written about the Balfour declaration with a variety of disagreements. One good place to start is Rashid Khalidi's recent excellent piece in Jacobin