"So what can I do?" ...a Heartfelt Post from West-Park Press

Another lovely report of our launch. Thank you for being there, West-Park Church, and for writing about the work we've begun!

"So what can I do? is a question artists often ask themselves related to the difficult social issues of our time. Especially with a seemingly intractable issue like the Israel-Palestine conflict, or more appropriately, the struggle of the Palestinian people for justice. Last night at the Lark Theatre Center in New York, the Break the Wall Theatre Project provided one valuable answer to that question. Inspired by the controversy around Caryl Churchill’s Seven Jewish Children and Churchill’s making the play available for free for performance by anyone, Ismail Khalidi and David Zellnik have conceived and produced their own project, Break the Wall. Conceptually, BTW refers both to the wall of separation built by Israel but also the fourth wall between stage and audience. BTW  intends to break through with these walls."  

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